Which Bed Are You?
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Which Bed Are You?

Select all the statements that sound like you. Be honest!

 I keep my work area free of junk
 I drive a big car
 I never buy clothes to wear just once
 If you want something nice you have to pay for it
 I like to make sure I always look nice
 I prefer to spend my downtime alone relaxing
 I am really easy to get along with
 I have been known to enjoy a good practice joke
 Satin sheets are better then Flannel
 I am very Zen like
 Size matters
 I am always there for my friends and family when they need me
 I prefer a nice fancy restaurant to fast food
 I intend to retire next to a beach
 I have a lot of friends
 I don't wear a watch
 I tend to buy brand name products
 I like to travel a lot
 I don't like to be alone
 My friends know me as the naughty one;)
 I am frugal
 I am a party person
 Function over form is more important
 Classical music is better than rap music
 I enjoy flirting a lot
 In a car gas economy is much more important than price and luxury
 Weekends are for relaxing and sleeping
 I still feel young inside

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