Flirting Quiz
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Flirting Quiz

Take this fun flirting quiz and we will tell you how much of a flirt you are.

1.  You are going out to a party, how do you dress?
 Casual and practical
 Smart and clean cut
 Sexy and provocative
2.  Your friend introduces you to someone for the first time and you think they are pretty hot, what are you most worried about?
 What you are going to say to them
 How you are going to sound when you talk to them
 What you look like
3.  You see someone across the room that you think is very attractive, do you?
 Ignore them and ask your friends later who they were
 Get your friend to tell them you like them
 Try to make eye contact with them
4.  Someone you like is talking to you and makes a suggestive comment, do you?
 Ignore it and pretend you didn't hear it
 Smile and laugh it off
 Return the comment with your own suggestive comment
5.  You see someone you really like and strike up a conversation with them, how close do you stand?
 I give them a lot of room, about a full body length
 I like to stand close but not too close
 I get as close as possible to them
6.  When you are talking to someone you like and they say something you disagree with do you?
 Tell them you don't agree
 Say nothing about it and remain silent
 Lie, and tell them you totally agree
7.  Where is the best place to flirt?
 At work
 At the grocery store
 At a party
8.  You see someone that you think is attractive looking at you, do you?
 Look away and try to ignore them acting shy
 Look away but then look back at them
 Look at them and give them a smile
9.  When you see someone you like and want to flirt with them, what drink would help you best?
 A nice cup of coffee
 Any kind of soft drink
 Anything with some alchol
10.  You have been out late at a party and you have been talking to someone you like all night. It's time to go home, do you?
 Thank them for a nice night and tell them you hope to meet them again soon
 Give them your number and ask them to call you
 Ask them if they can give you a lift home
11.  When you are at a party, who do your normally talk with?
 People of your own sex
 Mixed guys and girls
 Mainly people of the opposite sex
12.  You are out shopping and you see someone checking out your body, do you?
 Walk away and feel offended
 Walk away but are flattered that they were checking you out
 Stand around and let them check you out some more

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