Which Deadly Sin Is Yours?
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Which Deadly Sin Is Yours?

Select all the statements that sound like you. Be honest!

 I am smarter than most people
 If I found $100 in the street I would keep it
 I normally sleep past 9am on my days off
 I wish I looked like one of my friends
 If I can upsize my popcorn for 25 cents I will
 I sometimes have erotic dreams
 I will honk my horn at other drivers
 I wish I was a millionaire
 The trash doesn't get taken out until trash day
 I get angry with stupid people
 I could do my bosses job
 I will not go outside without combing my hair
 I wish I looked as good as a supermodel
 I love fast food
 I often check out the ass of members of the opposite sex
 I stay in my sleep clothes all day until I have to go somewhere
 I sometimes get mad when co workers do stupid things
 I day dream about sexual situations a lot
 I have been in a fight with someone before
 I hate to hear bad things about my work
 I want to be as popular as Oprah Winfrey
 When going out for the night I normally eat out
 I watch more than 3 hours of TV a night
 I didn't donate anything to charity last year
 If I see a stranger I like I try to imagine them in their underwear
 I would rather eat candy than fruit
 I would love to kiss one of my friends boyfriend/girlfriend
 I normally don't give money to bums on the street
 I would rather eat out than cook
 I have cheated to get what I want before
 I have been known to yell at people
 I like people to flirt with me
 I often have dessert with my meal
 I want to drive a nicer car
 I look good in my underwear

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