Are You Still In Love Quiz
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Are You Still In Love Quiz
1.  Do you still hold hands in public?
 Not any more
 All the time
2.  Do you kiss a lot?
 Only hello or goodbye
 Every once in a while
 We still kiss a lot
3.  Which do you do more, argue or laugh together?
 We argue more
 About the same of both
 We laugh together more
4.  Have you though about what it would be like not being together?
 Yes, quite a bit
 Only a few times
 Not at all really
5.  Do you ever buy gifts for your partner out of the blue?
 Only once in a while
 Whenever I see something they might like
6.  Do you tell your partner everything or do you have secrets?
 I have a lot of secrets
 I only keep a few secrets but I don't like to
 I tell my partner everything
7.  Would you rather spend time with your partner or your friends
 With my friends
 Spread my time between both
 With my partner
8.  When talking to your friends about your partner do you find yourself complaining about them a lot?
 I always seem to be complaining
 I only complain every once in a while
 I don't have a reason to complain

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