Are You A Good Date
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Are You A Good Date
1.  Do you think eye contact with your date is important?
2.  Would you tell a date their outfit doesn't match?
3.  When meeting a date, when should you turn up?
 10 minutes early
 On time
 10 minutes late
4.  If your waiter messes up your order, what would you do?
 Ignore it
 Politely mention it to the waiter
 Ask to see a manager
5.  Is it important to look good for your date?
6.  Which is better to do on a date?
 Listen a lot
 Talk a lot
7.  What should you put on for a date?
 Cologne or Perfume
8.  If you don't like your date, what do you do?
 Tell them there and then
 Finish the date but don't go out again
 Go out with them twice more and then break it off
9.  Do you expect to sleep with your date on a first date?
10.  Who should pay for the date?
 The Woman
 The Man
11.  After a date, when should you call your date?
 When you get home
 The next day
 2 days after the date

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