April Trivia
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April Trivia

How many of these Fun Facts about April can you get right?

1.  What god is April named after?
 The God of War
 The God of Love
 The God of Music
2.  Which of the following did not happen in the month of April?
 President Abraham Lincoln's Assassination
 The sinking of the Titanic
 The first man on the moon
3.  Which is NOT the flower of the month for April?
 Sweet Pea
4.  Which is the birthstone for April
5.  April is...
 The chocolate eaters month
 The hotdog eaters month
 The popcorn eaters month
6.  What happens to the clocks in April in the US?
 They move forward
 They move back
7.  Which of the following is not in April?
 Secretaries Day
 Earth Day
 Mothers Day
8.  How many days are there in April?
9.  Which zodiac sign does not fall in April?
10.  What does April mean?
 'To Give'
 'To Open'
 'To Start'

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