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Question 1 - When was Mother's Day declared a holiday in the US?

Wrong, correct answer was 1914

Question 2 - How many phone calls are made in the US every year on Mother's Day?

Wrong, correct answer was 122 million

Question 3 - What is the most common Mother's Day flower?

Wrong, correct answer was Carnation

Question 4 - Roughly how much money is spent on Mother's Day in the US every year?

Wrong, correct answer was 14 billion dollars

Question 5 - What is the most popular day of the week for babies to be born?

Wrong, correct answer was Tuesday

Question 6 - What are the odds of having twins?

Wrong, correct answer was 1 in 33

Question 7 - What age was the world's oldest mother when she gave birth?

Wrong, correct answer was 69

Question 8 - How many babies are born every second?

Wrong, correct answer was 4

Question 9 - How much money is spend on Mother's Day cards in the US every year?

Wrong, correct answer was 670 million dollars

Question 10 - What month is the most popular for babies being born?

Wrong, correct answer was August

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