Are You A Geek
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Ultimate Myspace Survey

Take the Ulimate Myspace Survey and share your results with your Myspace friends
Are You A Geek
1.  How many computers do you own?
 3 or more
2.  Do you watch Star Trek?
 Only the newer ones
 Yes, all of them
3.  How many email addresses do you have?
 2 or 3
 4 or more
4.  What does RAM stand for?
 Ruben Artithmatic Machine
 Random Access Memory
 Rounding Accounting Module
5.  How long do you spend on the Internet every day?
 Less than 1 hour
 Between 1 and 4 hours
 More than 4 hours
6.  Which is the odd one out?
7.  Have you ever had a bf/gf online but never met them?
8.  Would you rather IM someone than call them?
9.  Have you ever taken a pic of yourself just for posting online?
10.  Which makes you more excited?
 Your favorite band coming into town
 Your favorite TV show starts a new series
 Your favorite computer game launches a new version
11.  Which is the odd one out?
 The Wrath of Kahn
 The Undiscovered Country
12.  What is the first thing you do in the morning?
 Eat breakfast
 Check your email
 Check your myspace comments

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