What Do You Wear To Bed?
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What Do You Wear To Bed?

Take this fun quiz and we will predict what you wear to bed.

1.  Are you Male or Female?
2.  How old are you?
3.  Which of the following do you normally watch on TV?
 Soap Opera's
 Kids Shows
 Primetime Shows
4.  Do you enjoy kissing in public?
5.  What do you dream about at night?
 Nothing at all
 Random things
 I can't tell you;)
6.  What do you do on a Friday night?
 Stay in and go to bed early
 Head out with friends/significant other to eat
 Hit the bars and party til morning
7.  Do you sleep with a fan in your room?
8.  Do you shower before you go to bed?
9.  Which of the following drinks do you prefer?
10.  Which of the following would you prefer to share your bed with?
 Hillary Clinton
 Bill Gates
 Brad Pitt
 Jennifer Garner
 Hugh Hefner
 Joan Collins

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