Which Twilight Character Are You

Take our Twilight character quiz and find out which Twilight character you are.

1.  Where would you prefer to be?
 Wherever my significant other is.
 Somewhere secluded, like in the forest, where I can be myself.
 In the garage, working on my latest car project.
 With my family and friends.
2.  How's your driving speed?
 I go as fast as my car will allow, which isn't much.
 Faster than fast, I'm just a blur on the road.
 There's no rush, it's about the journey and enjoying the car.
 I go fast, but only to the extreme if it's an emergency.
3.  What is your favorite hobby?
 Listening and Playing Music
 Fixing Cars
4.  How do you feel about Vampires?
 I love them! The good ones that is
 I have a few that I am close to
 I can't stand them, we're enemies
 We're close, like family
5.  How's your personality?
 Clumsy and quiet, but pretty friendly.
 I'm dark and mysterious.
 I'm a happy person and pretty easy-going.
 Happy and helpful, to my family and friends that is.
6.  Where would you sit at lunch?
 With my friends and my boyfriend/girlfriend.
 With my family.
 With my friends.
 With my family and friends.
7.  Which hair color do you prefer for yourself?
 Light brown
 Dark brown
8.  If you could have a power, what would it be?
 To be immune to everyone else's powers.
 To read people's minds.
 To be able to transform into something else.
 To see the future.
9.  What's your favorite type of weather?
 Sunny and warm with no clouds.
 Dark, and hopefully rainy.
 Who cares? I'll be in the garage, working on cars.
 Does it matter? If I don't like the weather I'll stay inside and have fun.
10.  Do you have a problem sticking to your diet?
 I'm not on a diet, yet that is.
 No, but sometimes I think I won't be able to control myself.
 What diet?
 Not really.