30 Halloween Questions Survey

Is your birthday in October?

Do know someone who has a birthday in October?

Do you like the weather that comes in October?

Do you still go trick or treating?

What is your favorite costume you have ever worn?

What will you be this year?

On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being most liked) how much do you like haunted houses?

What is your most memorable moment in a haunted house?

Are you a person that flies out of the haunted house crying or laughing your head off?

What's your favorite scary movie?

Do you watch scary movies alone...and in the dark?

Do you like candy corn?

Ever been pranked as a halloween joke? If so, what happened?

Have you ever pranked someone to give em' a good halloween scare? What prank did you pull?

In a scary movie, would you be the one who goes to check out the freaky noise upstairs, or the one who is smart and runs? (Not that there are many people in movies who are smart enough to walk away from the direction the noise is coming from...it's what makes a movie a movie, right?)

Do you and a group of friends get together and have scary movie marathons, staying up all night being scared?

Do you go to corn mazes?

If so, do you stick with the non-scary maze, or do you go for the haunted one?

Going back in time, if you were given the chance to play in any scary movie, which one would you pick?

Do you like the bloody, gory, slasher, run for your life because you're about to get your throat cut open, movie? Or are you for the suspensful, not much blood type?

Do you find movies like chucky, the puppet master, dolls, etc, extremely dumb?

Is it creepy to you that sometimes they use kid's toys as the murderers?

Are you into carving pumpkins?

Do you roast the seeds and then eat them?

Have you ever been to a costume dance/party?

What is the stupidist scary movie ever made, in your opinion?

What's the best scary movie ever made?

What's the last scary movie you went to see in theatres? Did you like it?

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