20 Daily Activity Questions Survey

Are you an early riser?

Do you shower before or after work?

Do you have a gym mebership?

Do you go to the gym everyday?

Do you take unscheduled breaks at work?

Are you tired during the day?

Do you stop at a grocery store every day?

At week ends you stay home all day in your pajamas watching tv?

You have a few drinks in the evening?

If you are retired, are you online most of the day?

Do you cook?

Do you eat out most of the time?

Do you spend lots of time on the phone?

If at work, do you chat online on company's time or texting?

If there's a party on Sunday night and you have to work in the morning, do you party anyways?

Do you take a day off from work just so you can go shopping or fishing?

Do you feel great when you get up in the morning?

Do you feel like your daily duties are more like KP duty?

Do you go to bed before midnight?

Do you take an afternoon nap?

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