30 Questions About Your Ex Survey

First of all, what's is your ex's name?

How long did you know them before you started dating?

Who showed interest first?

What attracted you to them?

What did you dislike about them?

How long did your relationship last?

If you don't mind me asking: why did you break-up?

How old was your ex?

What was the age difference, if there was one?

Are you over them?

Would you still like to be with them?

When you see him/her, do you become sad, frustrated, or regretful?

Are you still friends or still communicate with them in any way?

If you say him/her with someone new or saw them showing interest in another person, how would you feel and react?

If they showed affection toward you again, what would you do?

If they came back to you or asked to be with you once more, would you give them another chance?

Have you ever tried to get back with them?

Do you believe you were starting to or did fall in love with them?

Have you tried to tell them how you feel/felt?

Do you find yourself yearning for them?

Do you ever regret being with them?

Who asked whom out?

Do you still like/love them?

Are you still single or have you found someone new?

Do you ever fantasize about what it would be like to still be with them?

Do you ever dream about them? daydream?

Personal question: did you guys get physically intimate in any way?

I love horoscopes; so, do you ever find yourself checking their horoscopes?

Do you believe you are truly over them?

Have you put an honest effort in trying to get over them?

Have you tried to get back with them?

I've, personally, put an effort to get back with my ex because i love him. if you feel like there could be something more there, get off your ass and go get them back!

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