40 Random Questions Survey

What's your favorite name for a girl?

What's your favorite name for a boy?

Do you like coke or pepsi?

Have you read Twilight?

What does your car smell like?

Have you ever eaten a marshmallow burnt?

Do you have a gerbil?

Are you afraid of airplanes?

What gives you goosebumps?

Whose your favorite character on TV?

Why did you take this survey?

Do you like ice cream?

Have you been to an arcade before?

What is your favorite song?

What is your least favorite movie?

When do you think the world will end?

Do you think cheesy jokes are funny?

Do you like texting or calling?

Have you ever online dated?

Whose the last person you hugged?

Do you believe Wikipedia is always right?

Do you like bulldogs?

Have you ever eaten a corndog?

What's your favorite article of clothing?

Do you like classical music?

Is your grandma still alive?

What's your favorite video on Youtube?

Do you have a friend named Buddy?

Why are people weird?

Do you know what TTFN stands for?

What's your pets middle name?

Have you ever dated 2 people at one time?

Have you ever sniffed someone's hair secretly?

Do you have a T.V in your room?

How long can you go without electronics?

What are your siblings names?

Are you bored right now?

What do you love to dream about?

Are you answering these questions with false answers or true?

Will you tell your friends to do this survey?

Would you like to make this survey public?

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