What does your heart feel like Survey

Have you been feelin loved

Have you had the guts to say I love you to anyone and mean it

Do you love anyone right now

Do you know anyone who loves you

Do you have a stalker

Do you know if you have a stalker

Do you like someone who your friends dont approve of

Tell me what you are feeling right now

This survey is all about feelin cause I am a girl what are you

Do you care for this survey at all or did you want to express your feelings

How many times have you felt love

If you have felt love explain if you can

Love is like a war, easy to begin, hard to end do you agree

Soo how many people have you felt a strong urge to just jump on them and makeout

I feel like crap when i get dumped explain your last dump

For question 15 who and where and you

Would you like to make this survey public?

Enter your nickname

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