Questions People Won't Ask Survey

Have you ever flirted with your best friend's bf/gf?

Do you think that you're all that and your probably really not?

Have you gotten beat up before. Tell the truth.

Are you smart or are you dumb?

If you're a girl, do you scratch your boobs when nobody's looking?

Have you ever wanted to have sex with your own gender?

Are you liking this survey so far?

Do you have alot of friends or are you nobody at school?

Are you annoying to most people?

Can you take the truth, no matter what it is?

Would you go suicidal if someone in your family died?

Is there somebody in your life you hate at this point?

Are you dreading something right now?

While taking this, did you start thinking about your true self?

Would you date somebody on Valentine's Day just to get something for Valentine's?

Have you ever broke somebody's heart and didn't care?

Did you go to Pre-K?

Would you like to make this survey public?

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