Strange Days Survey

Have you ever seen a therapist?

If so, why did you go?

Have you ever had de ja vu'?

What are your spiritual/religious beliefs?

Do you like spending or hoarding money?

Do you consider yourself selfish?

Are you an alchoholic?

Are you proud you're an alcohlic?-for the rednecks

Are you aware of your geneological medical history?

How many times in the last month have you been called a bitch?

Is there someone you would like to fight?

Would you fight for your country in spite of its' flaws?

Do you know someone in Iraq or Afghanistan that is close to you?

What do you think is the best feature you have?

Do you pick your clothes up after you try them on in the dressing room?

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

Do you love anyone right now?

Do you loike girls, boys, or both?

What's your best idea of fun?

Are you happy with who you are?

Would you like to make this survey public?

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