Out of the ordinary Survey

Tell me about the last dream that you remember having?

Best hangover cure?

Favourite snack food?

Current location?

Most missed memory?

First thought when waking up?

Fav movie quote?

Most annoying things?

Role model?

When I grow up I want?

Biggest fears?

Shoes you wore today?

Fav drink?

Biggest weaknesses?

Generally, in life, what makes you happy?

How well do you handle critiscm?

Do you find that full figured woman can be equally as attractive as skinnier woman?

What would your friends be suprised to know about you?

Sniff. What can you smell?

Would you ever get plastic surgury? and on what?

Biggest piece of goss you heard recently?

Worried about anything?

Last thing you brought?

Name three things you are truly thankful for?

Three things you are looking forward to?

What names do you perfer out of the following..

Blake : Hayden : Riley : Lucas : Cooper : Braiden?

Isabel : Riley : Blair : Mya : Kya : Sierra : Savannah?

Are you reading anything atm?

Last time you exercised?

Craving anything right now?

Would you like to make this survey public?

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