100 Random Questions Survey

ok, start with the basics, whats your name



shoe size


eye colour

hair colour

ok these ones are all your favourite things, starting with colour


hair style

jelly bean flavour

website (dont suck up to this one, be honest)


item on clothing (descriptions are better than just 'my T-shirt')

moving on again now, pepsi or coke

chocolate or vanilla

tv or books

staying in or going out

friends or family

myspace or facebook

nail polish or natural (guys just say if you like girls to wear it or not)

art or sports

past or future

left or right

odd socks or matching ones

tea, coffee or neither

hot or cold

fly or fall

run or ride

sing or scream

watch or join in

dance or laugh

just pick one now, continent

type of sweet

girls name

boys name

fizzy drink

what makes you? happy













nex, describe your dream person starting with gender

eye colour


hair colour

smart or sassy

droop dead gorgeous or stomach crampingly funny

give three other qualities they would need

are you single

do you drink

what do you think about smokers, or say if you do

ever punched someone

if yes did they deserve it, if no say rar

what word or phrase do you use wayy too much

got a mobile?

if yes what make if no say meh

tell me something no one knows about you (dont worry i probably dont know you)

what job do you have

what job do you want

where are you

wearing any jewellery (say what)

did you right 'what' in that last box because you arnt wearing any

be honest, did you change what you put in that box when you saw the next question

which part of your body hurt last

do you know why

would you kill someone to save someone you truly love

are you spontaneous?

if you had a choice how would you want to die

what would you want on your gave

what would your last words be

if you could hug anyone right now who would it be

are you alergic to anything

where would you take someone, on a first date

to break up

to propose

to apologise

to say 'i love you'

if you had three wishes what would you wish for? (in the next three boxes)

wish 2

wish 3

if you could do one thing for the world what woukd it be (ANYTHIING)

when have you been the happiest do far in your life

when do you think you will be that happy again

when will you be happier

anything you want me to know

why did you take this quiz

how long did this take you

would you do it again if you knew how long it was

do i sound like a nice person

can i have a hug

say something to make me think

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