100 Relationship Questions Survey


Older Or Younger?

Eye Color?

Hair Color?


Nice Smile?

Best Look About Them?

Best Personality Trait About Them?

Skater Or Jock?

Gangster or skater?

Geek or prep?


Nicer Or Meaner?

BadBoy/girl Good boy/girl?

Shy or outgoing?

Musician or football player?

Band geek or choir boy?

Loving or obnoxious?

Hot or good personality?

Cute or hot?

Funny or sweet?

Mature or funny?

Cool or Dorky?

Who do you love? Can you even say?

Do you try to ever play it off like you don't like somebody when you do?

Are you straight-forward about your feelings?

Would you rather have loved somebody for years or fall instantly in love?

Does he or she give you butterflies or goosebumps?

Do you wish that you can see him or her tonight?

What makes him or her so special?

Do any songs remind you of them?

What hurts more being in love or being with out the one you love?

Have you ever broke up with someone you really loved?

How many times have you truly been in love?

Do you believe there is a perfect relationship?

If you could turn back time would change your feelings for some Person would you? and who?

Do you love someone now?

Would you take a bullet for the person you love(d)?

If the person you love was here now, would you tell them?

r u currently dating any1?

how many kids do u want?

have u ever liked sum1 ur frend was dating?

who was the last person u dated?

r u a virgin?

Kiss Or Hug?

Cuddling Or Touching?

if u were dyin what would you say to your lover or your crush or whatever?

Perfect Date?

What's The First Thing You Would Want Them To Say To You after talking?

What's The last Thing You Would Want them to say to you after talking?

Do you believe in love?

What are your feelings for him, word for word?

Do U Trust Him Or Her?

Do U Dream About Him Or Her?

Could He Or She Be Replaced?

Could U See Urself Marrying Him Or Her?

Name 3 Things U Want 2 Do With Him Or Her?

Do You Think He Or She Loves you?

Do You Think He Or She Would Die For you?

Do you think he or she would marry you?

would you rather this person be smart or rich?

is he or she in your mind always?

do you show your affection out in public?

if you love them so much, could you let them go?

How Inportant is this person to you?

Do they Swear?

Do they Smoke?

Does Your Bestfriend Like Him Or her?

How old were you when you had your first crush?

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

Have you ever had sex?

Have you ever made out with someone?

Best part about guys or girls?

Worst part about guys or girl?

What is your biggest turn on?

What is your biggest turn off?

What's the meanest thing a guy' or girl ever said/done to you?

What's the nicest thing a guy or girl ever said/done to you?

Do guys or girls get on your nerves sometimes?

What is the best part about a relationship?

What is the worst part about a relationship?

Do you get jealous when you see other couples?

Have you ever stolen someone's boyfriend?

Have you ever been on a date?

Have you ever been on a double date?

What's the best place for a date?

describe him/her in 3 words.

Do they have any tattoo's or piercings? Do you like them?

Would you trust them in a room full of the opposite sex?

Is there anything that you dislike about them?

Have you had a serious fight with them?

Do they intimidate you in any way?

How important is romance in a relationship?

How important is sex?

What do you consider cheating?

Have you ever cried over this person?

Is there a memory of the two of you together that sticks out in your mind?

Where is the most strangest place you want to have sex at?

What makes them different then anyone else?

What Do You think about Love Tottaly?

Would you like to make this survey public?

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