Underwear Survey

What's your favorite underwear you own?

What's the worst pair of underwear you own?

What's the most embarrassing underwear you own?

What's your favorite color of underwear?

What color underwear will you not wear?

What's your favorite underwear on a member of the opposite sex?

What underwear do you hate seeing on a member of the opposite sex?

Have you ever lost your underwear while out somewhere?

Have you ever found someone's underwear while out somewhere?

How often do you buy new underwear?

Do you buy underwear for anyone but yourself?

Where do you like to buy your underwear?

Do you have a favorite brand of underwear?

Is there anywhere you refuse to buy underwear?

Do you own any novelty underwear?

Have you ever bought novelty underwear for anyone?

Have you ever worn someone else's underwear?

Has anyone else ever worn your underwear?

What type of underwear do you wear most?

Is there any kind of underwear you refuse to wear?

Would you like to make this survey public?

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