What is the FIRST thing that comes to mind Survey Response by Cassieve

Here are the survey answers for What is the FIRST thing that comes to mind Survey taken by Cassieve

When someone says Love
Floating Pink Hearts ^^

When you smell cookies
"Oh! mom is baking in the kitchen!"

When it rains
smooshy, icky mud is now lying in wait beneath rain-soaked green grass for some white shoes to step into it... (that is seriously my first thought lol)

When you drink Milk
(I only drink 2 types of Silk Soy Milk, if any) and I always feel comforted and think of the milk that Jesus speaks of in the Bible, that He gives to Baby Christians.

When you have money
both excitement and fear

When it gets dark out
Time for me to take my 4 strong anxiety pills

When it snows
Oh no, bad memories

When you walk into Wal-Mart
"Wow, this place is its own city!"

When you smell Pizza
"No." (due to the aftermath tummy ache)

When you see Fireworks
"OOOoooh! Sky Sparkles!"

When you play a game
(right now I'm hooked on a certain Solitaire app) First [thought/feeling] is "I am sooo happy" Why? Because it is relaxation time!! I LOVE playing that right before bed.

When you see the sun

When you walk into a hospital

When you smell a flower
"God's nature is AMAZING"

When you taste water

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