70 Random Questions Survey Response by Anonymous

Here are the survey answers for 70 Random Questions Survey taken by Anonymous

What do you do on your free time?
Browse random knowledge online and read.

How old are you?

Are you still in school?
Yes and no

Do you like where you live?
I love Texas, but hate Killeen/Fort Hood

What is your favorite band?
Bruno mars

Have you ever been in love with somebody?

Are you single or taken?
My hearts taken

What happened with your last boyfriend/girlfriend?
A hot mess

Do you have a lot of drama in your life?
Too much ATM...

Do you like to party?
With friends yes.

If so, what kind of partying?
Backyard bon fire and dancing...

Are you a fun person?
Mostly I hope...

Are you loved by many people?
Quality over quantity

Do you like your family?

Do you have any animals?
2 doggies

If so, whats its name? and is it a boy or girl?
Dixie- girl Jerusalem (Jeru for short) boy

Are you a prep,jock,nerd,goth,punk,or a mix of everything?
Hot mess mix

Do like labels?

Who is your bffl?
My sister Rhandi

Do you sing in the shower?

What color hair do you have?
Black cherry

Would you ever dye your hair to a different color?

Did/do you like high school?

Grossest thing you've ever ate?
Clam instant puking.

Have you ever been kicked out of a place for being immature?

Would you consider yourself mature or immature?
Depends on the situation lol

Would you get back with your ex?
Probably I usually only ever date people I really connect with...

Would your ex get back with you?

Are you poor,middle class, or fancy?
I'm happy

Do you laugh a lot?
Laughter is the best medicine

In your text messages to you say lol,lmao,hahah a lot?

What was your last serious talk with someone about?
My Health

Do you like where you live?

Are you a fake or as real as they get?

Ever gotten plastic surgery?
Yes 2x the first not by choice a dog ripped my face off when I was 10...

Every been in the emergency room?

If so, what for?
Too much to list

Day or night?

Do you think pot should be legalized in usa?
Yes it'd end a lot of drama

Do you wear a lot of make up ig your a girl?
At home no in the real world I guess..

Do you chew gum often?
Yes I hate bad breath

Do you brush your teeth every day?
Too much probably

Ever kissed a bad kisser?

If so, how bad was it?
Wormy and slimy

Can you eat a lot of food?
Too much

Whats your favorite type of music?
Anything I can sing or dance to.

Are you gay or straight or bi?i
Eh hem...

Do you like obama?

Are you a democrat or a repbilican?
No party

Ever stole anything?

Whats your favorite store at the mall?
Hot topic I live the gag gifts there

What kind of cell phone do you have?

Xbox or playstation3?

Cod or halo?

Whats you favorite movie?why?
Hacksaw ridge

Do you like the dark?

Tv or video games?

Cable or satellite?

Ever been arrested?

If so, what for?

Late or on time?
Barely on time lol

Do you care to much?

Do you over think things?

Would you consider youself a control freak?
With somethings

Do you eat your fruits and vegtables?

Are you on a diet?
Hell no

Do you go to the gym?
Hell no

Do you play a sport?if so which one?
Used to do it all my faves were cheer, swim, and rugby

What were you for this past halloween?

Lastly whyd you take this survey?(:

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