70 Random Questions Survey Response by Anonymous

Here are the survey answers for 70 Random Questions Survey taken by Anonymous

What do you do on your free time?
watch youtube

How old are you?

Are you still in school?

Do you like where you live?
pretty much

What is your favorite band?
twenty one pilots

Have you ever been in love with somebody?
sort or

Are you single or taken?

What happened with your last boyfriend/girlfriend?
I dumped him

Do you have a lot of drama in your life?

Do you like to party?

If so, what kind of partying?
with friends

Are you a fun person?

Are you loved by many people?
i hope so

Do you like your family?

Do you have any animals?

If so, whats its name? and is it a boy or girl?
Boy, Pickles

Are you a prep,jock,nerd,goth,punk,or a mix of everything?
mix of everything

Do like labels?
i don' know

Who is your bffl?
Jessie and/or Grace

Do you sing in the shower?

What color hair do you have?

Would you ever dye your hair to a different color?
i would have highlights

Did/do you like high school?
i haven't had it yet

Grossest thing you've ever ate?
Rotten egg bean boozle jelly bean

Have you ever been kicked out of a place for being immature?
i can't remember

Would you consider yourself mature or immature?

Would you get back with your ex?

Would your ex get back with you?

Are you poor,middle class, or fancy?
middle class

Do you laugh a lot?

In your text messages to you say lol,lmao,hahah a lot?

What was your last serious talk with someone about?
with my friend about not thinking it's going to work out

Do you like where you live?
you've already asked me this

Are you a fake or as real as they get?

Ever gotten plastic surgery?

Every been in the emergency room?

If so, what for?
when I was a week old, my heart stopped working

Day or night?

Do you think pot should be legalized in usa?
i don't know

Do you wear a lot of make up ig your a girl?

Do you chew gum often?

Do you brush your teeth every day?

Ever kissed a bad kisser?

If so, how bad was it?
I've never kissed a boy

Can you eat a lot of food?

Whats your favorite type of music?

Are you gay or straight or bi?i

Do you like obama?

Are you a democrat or a repbilican?
i don't know

Ever stole anything?

Whats your favorite store at the mall?
bath and body works

What kind of cell phone do you have?
apple 6s

Xbox or playstation3?

Cod or halo?
i don't know

Whats you favorite movie?why?

Do you like the dark?

Tv or video games?

Cable or satellite?

Ever been arrested?

If so, what for?

Late or on time?

Do you care to much?

Do you over think things?

Would you consider youself a control freak?

Do you eat your fruits and vegtables?

Are you on a diet?

Do you go to the gym?

Do you play a sport?if so which one?

What were you for this past halloween?

Lastly whyd you take this survey?(:

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