30 Do You Questions Survey Response by samIam21

Here are the survey answers for 30 Do You Questions Survey taken by samIam21

Carry a purse?

Pet puppies?
I will, but I prefer cats overall

Like Coca Cola better than Pepsi?
pepsi, but in reality dr. pepper is the winner here

Feel mischeivious?

Have a mustache?

Believe in aliens?

Watch Glee?

Like tomatoes?
no, but i like ketchup

Play with your food?
not really

Draw with sidewalk chalk?
I did when I was younger

Remember what you had for supper last night?

Play Runescape?
I used to when I was in middle and high school

Have a bunny?

Smell like violets?
no, i usually smell like vanilla

Treat your pets like people?
to a degree. I respect my cats, but they are not my children, they are cats.

Feel awkward around strangers?
not unless I have a reason

Happen to know what Flarp! is?
yes! used to love it!

Try to impress people of the opposite gender?

Know the lyrics to the song Yankee Doodle Dandy?
never heard of it

Know what color your best friend's room is?
white? i think

Like Minute Maid Lemonade?

Own at least one Nerf gun?

Bake brownies?
nope, i don't cook

Look like your mom?

Know if you are somehow connected to a celebrity?

Eat potato chips with ranch dressing?
i didn't know that was a thing

Like the color yellow?
yep, i like all colors

Make toast for breakfast?

Love the sound of popping bubbles?
i guess

Have a wallet of a color besides black or brown?

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