30 Do You Questions Survey Response by Brussol

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Carry a purse?
No, I'm a boy... But I do carry a knapsack around to pick up any food I find along the way.

Pet puppies?
I don't get to interact with a lot of animals, but if I saw one, then yeah I'd pet it. :)

Like Coca Cola better than Pepsi?
Teamfoustar brand soda knocks both of them out of the water!

Feel mischeivious?
We've got enough evil running around as it is... Maybe I'll feel up to a good prank or two once we're all out of harm's way again.

Have a mustache?
Nope. No facial hair.

Believe in aliens?
Believe in them? I technically AM one! Hahaha! I've also met a ton of other aliens in my time, so yeah.

Watch Glee?
Um, no thanks. Not my thing.

Like tomatoes?
I like most foods and I'll try pretty much anything. I love pizza, so of course I like tomatoes too! Haha!

Play with your food?
Sometimes when I was little, but not anymore.

Draw with sidewalk chalk?
Umm, no. That wasn't really a custom we had on Planet Vegeta...

Remember what you had for supper last night?
Definitely! A giant crab I found near a wooden boat at the Resort District.

Play Runescape?
There is no way I have that kinda time, I've got a job to keep after all! Especially when it involves keeping us all safe!

Have a bunny?
No I don't have any pets. Most of the time I really only get to interact with an ancient bird... But I wouldn't mind getting a pet rabbit though, it'd definitely be cuddly and a great way to take the edge off!

Smell like violets?
No, but you'd be surprised how many girls I know smell like lavender. Haha!

Treat your pets like people?
I don't have any pets, but I'd probably treat them one step below people. So I'd treat them the same as people, but the people come first.

Feel awkward around strangers?
I used to be really friendly to everyone I saw... But lately, I've kind of opened my eyes and realized that there ARE monsters out there hiding in plain sight... So I'm more careful now, I just can't fully trust anybody really.....

Happen to know what Flarp! is?
Uh..... I've got no idea. What is Flarp?

Try to impress people of the opposite gender?
No, not on purpose.... I already know who I want to be with, and I still don't know if she feels the same way... But I've never had to pretend to be someone I'm not for her to like me.

Know the lyrics to the song Yankee Doodle Dandy?
Sorry, I kind of wasn't raised on Earth... I don't know anything about that song.

Know what color your best friend's room is?
Hahaha! We never got to personalize our rooms, so they were always white. I've never really lived in luxury before and neither have my friends... When I bring them back to life, I hope that can change someday... They deserve the best of everything....

Like Minute Maid Lemonade?
Yeah, it's a pretty good thirst quencher.

Own at least one Nerf gun?
No, but maybe I could buy one haha! It'd be pretty fun to shoot people without worrying about them getting hurt from it.

Bake brownies?
I'm not much of a cook, compared to Supreme Kai of Time's baking, I'd probably be like a five star chef! Please don't tell her I said that!

Look like your mom?
I don't have any memories about my parents..... I'm not sure I even have any at all tbh.

Know if you are somehow connected to a celebrity?
I have connections with all kinds of legendary fighters from history, so does that count?

Eat potato chips with ranch dressing?
That sounds pretty good! But not too much per chip or it might get them a little soggy.

Like the color yellow?
I prefer cool colors like blue or dark green, but yellow's nice too. I do like the color gold.

Make toast for breakfast?
Very rarely. To do that, I just go to the restaurant in the business district. The only food I really make for myself is mostly fish and potatoes.

Love the sound of popping bubbles?
I guess? Hahaha, I don't get to hear it too often. The only bubbles I ever see are sudsy so they don't pop loudly, or they're underwater so I don't even hear them.

Have a wallet of a color besides black or brown?
Nope, my wallet's brown.

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