16 Weird Temporary Boredom Cure Questions Survey Response by Hollywoob

Here are the survey answers for 16 Weird Temporary Boredom Cure Questions Survey taken by Hollywoob

Do you believe in unicorns?
I poop Unicorns when I'm happy so...

How many of you does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Dude, lay Off the Beer.

Are you single?
Did You have to Ask?

Do you like pickles?
So, this Is the New way to Ask a Woman If They're Straight, How Mature... And Also very Fucking Creative!

How do you feel about meadows?
How do you feel at 4 a.m. Walking in the Park when It's Dark. Asking me about Meadows when It's 2017...

Have you heard of Flarp!?
I've heard of Fargo.

Ever flipped a turtle over?
Not after watching Finding Nemo dude...

Do you like to doodle?
I was Made for that Shit

How do you feel about long socks and chucks?
Are we Going to Warped Tour?

Would you rather find a four leaf clover or a heads up penny?
I rather find 1 million dollars, but don't go Pushing my luck now.

Ever squirted orange juice in your eye?
No, You go First, I dare You

Do you keep a journal/diary?
I know this Game, I found Yours first and Big Wiggly wants his 50 dollars back.

Do you play an instrument?
Yeah, It's Called a Bottle Opener, that Thing Really gets the Party Started, Gets people Singing songs that Never Existed

What is your favorite sound?
Hello Welcome to Tim Hortons...

How many kisses on the lips have you given?
How many Kisses on the ass Have You?

What's your favorite ride at the amusement park?
Bumper Cars, Can't call 911 on me there.

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