15 Strange And Random Questions Survey Response by Des

Here are the survey answers for 15 Strange And Random Questions Survey taken by Des

Do you like feet?
Not really

Have you ever bitten anybody?

Have you ever had a crush on your teacher?

Do you ever go to parties?
Not if I don't have to usually

Do you have more than 20 friends?

Do you like mustard?

Do you eat dog treats?
No! ????

Have you ever eaten an insect?
Hmm... maybe by accident

Do you like to jump rope?
Yeah, a little

Do you ever shoot fireworks into the water?
No ????

Do you ever swim in lakes?
Definitely no

Do you like to eat raw meat?
I can't!

Have you ever hugged your cat or dog?
Duh lol

Do you have a fish?

Can you do a hand stand?
Gonna say no lol

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