10 Things You Want In A Partner Survey Response by Janet

Here are the survey answers for 10 Things You Want In A Partner Survey taken by Janet

What color eyes?
Brown like mine

What color hair?
Brown just like mine

What qualities?
funny,kind,respectful,understanding,generous,happy just like myself LOL my standards so high of cos my partner standard must also be high la....right?cheo?lol

Do looks matter?
not too ugly n fat can liao la

Do they need to have a job?
LOL yes cheo you better find a job as soon as possible.I earn so little,wo yang bu qi ni

Does age matter?
same age or a bit older

How tall?
slightly taller

Does race matter?

Does sexuality matter?
must be straight la obviously lol

Do you like accents in a partner?
yes british accents and taiwanese accents are sexy.mmm mmm.

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