10 Things You Want In A Partner Survey Response by Anonymous

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What color eyes?
Perfect world green or grey, but in reality I don't really care

What color hair?
same as before, black

What qualities?
generous, ambitious, intellectually-driven

Do looks matter?
No to an extent. When it comes to what they can control: weight (to an extent, obviously a lil overweight is okay but not like obese bc that's just not healthy and if they can't care about themselves enough how could they ever care for me) and clothing

Do they need to have a job?
No but they must have something that takes up their time: volunteering, a hobby like gardening or something useful

Does age matter?
Yes, I am uncomfortable with large age gaps even though I keep trying to tell myself age doesn't matter

How tall?
Same as first question, but in a perfect world taller than me (5'5")

Does race matter?
Not really in the long run but I am biased about who I am physically attracted to... I like asians

Does sexuality matter?
Only in the sense that they must also be attracted to me/my gender

Do you like accents in a partner?

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