Randomness For Facebook Survey Response by Anonymous

Here are the survey answers for Randomness For Facebook Survey taken by Anonymous

Ever Kissed someone you didn't like?

What did you last have to drink?
some exotic drink (jk fruit shake)

Do you love the last person you texted?
i have to

Who made you cry last?

Ever though a dream was real?
omg yes. thee was this one dream that felt so real that It didn't feel like a dream anymore. I could hear sounds and the sun outside. though when I woke up it was actually at night. the dream felt like hours but I woke up half an hour later from sleeping at 11 pm

Do you love someone?
what is love anyways

Does I Love you mean something?
of course it does

Who did you last call?
one of my bffs

What's your best friends middle name?
which one (First one-Rose second one-Angela cause her real name

What do you regret doing at FAR too young?

Fave fruit?

Ever Smoked/Drank?

Are you gay?

Do you wanna get married?

How much is in your wallet?

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