Randomness For Facebook Survey Response by butthole

Here are the survey answers for Randomness For Facebook Survey taken by butthole

Ever Kissed someone you didn't like?
maybe? i dont remember

What did you last have to drink?
mcdonald's sweet tea

Do you love the last person you texted?

Who made you cry last?
idk. probably my boyfriend

Ever though a dream was real?
every time

Do you love someone?
of course

Does I Love you mean something?
no shit, sherlock

Who did you last call?
my boyfriend

What's your best friends middle name?

What do you regret doing at FAR too young?
joining the military right after high school. shouldve waited longer

Fave fruit?

Ever Smoked/Drank?
had alcohol poisioning before. never smoked

Are you gay?
hell no...ewww

Do you wanna get married?
for sure

How much is in your wallet?
nothing lol

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