55 If You Could Would You Questions Survey Response by ~z

Here are the survey answers for 55 If You Could Would You Questions Survey taken by ~z

Would you go back in time?
Oh gosh yes please. I need to fix something in 9th grade

Would you jump the president?
Its P.M. and no

Would you assasinate someone?
What No

Would you assasinate me for these stupid questions?

Would you scare little kids senseless?

Would you buy a whole store? Which one?

Would you lick your own toe?
Ew no

Would you own a food store?

Would you dominate the world?
Too much work. I'll leave that up to someone else

Would you murder Justin Bieber? If not, why?
Because murder is wrong

Would you tie your friend up so he/she would stop critizing you?

Would you stalk your favorite celebrity? Who?
Online? Don't we all. But if you mean in real life, then no. Thats creepier than online stalking

Would you model everyone to be just like you?

Would you sing with Adam Lambert?

Would you make a useless product and be a billionaire?
Why make something useless when you csn possibly help change the world for the better?

Would you go out of states? Possibly the whole world?
I'll visit my origin of birth

Would you kill someone close?

Would you hunt vampires, or become one of them?
Neither. Hunting them is pointless and hard. Becoming one may mean immortality, but you constantly have to feed

Would you kill off the goverment?
They’re the reason why i live under a roof so no

Would you help the ocean?

Would you make Spongebob a girl?
Nah he gud

Would you rule the world?

Would you put all your favorite celebrities in your house and never let them go?

Would you have magical power?

Would you kiss your favorite celebrity? Who?
If thry were within age rage maybe. No one in particular

Would you redo Twilight?

Would you kidnap Robert Pattinson?

How about Taylor Lautner?

Would you touch Pattinson's Hair?
Im good thanks

Would you live out your deepest fantasy?
I dont have one

Would you go out with ALL of the boys in your school?
hahahahahahaahhahahaahaha no

Would you ride a Unicorn?
And wave a rainbow flag hell yea

How about eat one?
A unicron? No

Would you be president?
HA i dont have what it takes to be one

Would you hunt down the guy who is destroying the ocean?
Id get the police to do that

Would you a different race?

Would you be a animal? Which one?

Would you run fast as a snail?
Again, what

Would you eat your own arm off?
No? Why would anyone do that

Would you do this and that?
Of what exactly

Would you get a new mom?

A new dad?
Yes please

Would you quit your job?
Dont have one

Would you help save the environment?

Would you eat little kids? What about the annoying ones?

Would you eat 500 dollars?
how bout I pretend to, when really im stashing it so i can keep it for later

Would you build a house?

Would you learn a foreign language?

Would you live your life without electricity?
Not entirely

Would you fix my grammer?
If i could yes

Would you tell all your friends you're a geek?
If its the truth

What about a nerd?

Would you join a nudist colony?

Would you steal something?

Would you kiss a stranger?

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