15 Funny Have You Ever Questions Survey Response by Anonymous

Here are the survey answers for 15 Funny Have You Ever Questions Survey taken by Anonymous

Have you ever smelled a banana?

Eaten strawberries from your toes?

Poked someone in the ear?

Licked someones foot?

Put money in your bra?

If your a guy, have you ever worn a bra fer fun?

Eaten a fur ball?
I am not a cat

Licked a swing set?
I probably did when I was a kid

Sniffed a cat?
lol, yea

Barked at someone?

Pretended to be a manikan at the mall?

Drawn a silly picture?
Tried too

Sung in a public bathroom?
Probably when I was drunk. lol

Been out with your pants on backwards?
I did this morning actually. lol

Worn underwear on your head?

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