15 Funny Have You Ever Questions Survey Response by Paul

Here are the survey answers for 15 Funny Have You Ever Questions Survey taken by Paul

Have you ever smelled a banana?
Like, a real one?

Eaten strawberries from your toes?
Only my girlfriend should be that flexible

Poked someone in the ear?
Wet willys count, rite?

Licked someones foot?
No comment

Put money in your bra?
Never worn one

If your a guy, have you ever worn a bra fer fun?
Hell no

Eaten a fur ball?
Ha, ha ha. Maybe. Perv.

Licked a swing set?
What kinda questions are these?!

Sniffed a cat?
I've smelled a lot of smelly ones

Barked at someone?
Another dog, always

Pretended to be a manikan at the mall?

Drawn a silly picture?
Everyone Has

Sung in a public bathroom?
I've been known to whistle

Been out with your pants on backwards?
I swear a 5 year old wrote this

Worn underwear on your head?
If i did I was too drunk to remember

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