15 Music And Bands Questions Survey Response by Albie

Here are the survey answers for 15 Music And Bands Questions Survey taken by Albie

What's your favorite kind of music?
Pop or Classic Rock.

Why do you like it?
Well, I grew up on Classic Rock because of my dad. It reminds me of all the good times as a kid! And I just love Pop music now.

Do you listen to the lyrics?
I do. Do I always sing them correctly? Well...

Who's your favorite band?
The Used.

Ever been to one of their concerts?
Yes, just a few months ago!

Favorite female singer?

Favorite male singer?
Iím not really sure. I donít listen to a lot of solo male singers.

Least favorite kind of music?
Probably like Blues or Jazz.

It just doesnít appeal to me too much.

Does music help you remember special memories?
Absolutely. And most of my special memories stem from concert experiences with friends.

Do sing along to music when you are alone?
Sometimes. I prefer lip-syncing because this voice... no thanks. Lol

In the car?
Do I?! Iím sitting here thinking if I do or not?! Iíll just say yes.

Do you enjoy seasonal music?
I do! It really sets the tone for the season. Very nostalgic.

Have you ever tried to write a song?
No way.

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