15 Music And Bands Questions Survey Response by Albert

Here are the survey answers for 15 Music And Bands Questions Survey taken by Albert

What's your favorite kind of music?
Probably grunge or punk rock, but I pretty much like every genre somewhat.

Why do you like it?
Because those two genres to me seem more real than the others. Most everything else seems so cleaned-up and overly produced.

Do you listen to the lyrics?

Who's your favorite band?

Ever been to one of their concerts?
Two of them, actually. One in Miami, Florida and one in Reading, England.

Favorite female singer?
Fiona Apple

Favorite male singer?
Johnny Cash

Least favorite kind of music?
Electronica, or whatever they're calling it these days. (EDM?)

Hearing the same loud bass pounding in my head over and over and over again causes me migraines.

Does music help you remember special memories?
Lots of times, yes.

Does music help you remember certain people?
Of course!

Do sing along to music when you are alone?
Even when I'm not. I love to sing, even though I suck at it!

In the car?
I do, I do.

Do you enjoy seasonal music?
Like Christmas music and Halloween music? Yeah, I suppose... but only during that season, and only in small quantities.

Have you ever tried to write a song?
I've written many, and some were big hits in our local scene back in my band days.

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