15 Music And Bands Questions Survey Response by Kayley

Here are the survey answers for 15 Music And Bands Questions Survey taken by Kayley

What's your favorite kind of music?

Why do you like it?
there are many selections to listen to

Do you listen to the lyrics?
yes the song means more

Who's your favorite band?
imagine dragons because I like a lot of their songs even though none of the songs are my all time favorite song

Ever been to one of their concerts?
no not yet hopefully soon

Favorite female singer?

Favorite male singer?
florida geriogia line

Least favorite kind of music?
70s music and lower

I turn my nose up when I hear it and I just dont care for it

Does music help you remember special memories?
totally happy and sad times

Does music help you remember certain people?
yes totally

Do sing along to music when you are alone?

In the car?
if im alone

Do you enjoy seasonal music?
yes if it's Christmas music during the Christmas season

Have you ever tried to write a song?
yes and it didn't turn out to well, lol

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