Controversial Issues Survey Response by Rehx

Here are the survey answers for Controversial Issues Survey taken by Rehx

Do you think that gay marriage should be legal?
Yeah, I don't see why it would bother me if it was. But it would bother me if it wasn't.

Do you think that gays should be allowed to seve in the military?
Yupperdoodledan, just cause someone likes penis, doesn't mean that they can't love their country.

What do you think about people who don't believe in god?
They're like all other people, in fact, I find that most atheists become that way by asking questions. I'm not saying that atheism is good, but asking questions is good.

Are you pro life or pro choice?
A little bit of both. I think the woman should have her choice with her body all the way, but if there's a woman who keeps impregnating herself over and over by not taking measures to prevent it, then she should probably have one of those children so she can experience what she's been killing.

Do you think we should test on animals?
Yupperdoodledan, I love animals but it's better than releasing untested products that could kill millions of people or injure them.

How do you feel about illegal immigration?
Not that hard to do it legally, get ya shit together guys. Illegal immigrants should be sent back with the opportunity given to them to apply naturally.

Do you think it is ethical to do stem cell research?
I don't see why it wouldn't be, it's another valuable resource in fighting diseases and giving transplants and why should we deny it? Because if where it comes from? I'm sure most of you know where Oil comes from, but do we give a damn?

Should be get rid of the death penalty?
Nope, I believe that people who molest children, rape women and murder without reason in excess have lost their right to be human. Humanity is about compassion and if you do these acts for no reason except self pleasure, you're not really human due to a lack of compassion.

Is torture ever acceptable?
I think so, I think it's a really stupid way to go as most people when they're tortured will give false leads just for a break in the torture. But if there's a guy who killed like 40 people and he has a partner about to do the same, any measures should be taken to prevent the death or harm of those people.

Should the government have a say on our diets?
Yes and no, they should regulate foods and what are in them for safety reasons, but I should be able to eat anything I want that's out on the market. I do believe that steps need to be taken against childhood obesity though.

Should the alcoholic drinking age be increased or decreased?
Increased to 25, brain's finished developing then.

Should cigarette smoking be banned?
Nope, again, people have their choice.

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