20 Strange Random Questions Survey Response by lily

Here are the survey answers for 20 Strange Random Questions Survey taken by lily

In a elavator would you tap someone on the shoulder and pertend it was not you?
yes, i would def do that

What is your pet name?
to who? babygirl

Do you shower daily?

Have you given anyone a patriotic wedgey?
absolutely, whom? you may ask? my poor poor younger brothet

How old is your mom?

If you had the chance to stick a bunch of cherry bombs in a toilet, would you?
umm thats a question, it answers it itself

How woulds you like to die?
in my sleep

Have you been run over in the last year?
no lol

If not, would you like to be?

What was your hottest teachers name?
Mr. Yost

Do you whish you could fly?
um yesss

How long do you have to live?
89, cause thats what came to my mind first

Where is you favorite place to hide?

When was the last time you played tag?
omg to long ago, missing the good ol days

What is your favorite quote?
fuck it

Who would you like to kiss?
heheheheheh not gonna tell youu

What color would you change the sky to be if you could?
baby pink duhhh

What did you last eat?
ice cream

What would you like to have as your last supper?
vegan frozen pizza

If you could ask god anything, what would it be?
did you watch while we showered, pervert

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