23 Questions About Your Past Survey Response by Anonymous

Here are the survey answers for 23 Questions About Your Past Survey taken by Anonymous

Which word did you say first, mama or dada?
Not sure

How old were you when you learned to walk?
1 1/2

What was your first pets name?

How many kids were in your class in kindergarten?

What was your third grade teachers name?
Donít remember

What do you remember most When you were 53
Not there yet

Who was your best friend in elementary?

Where was your mom working when you started jr.high
Parole Commission

What was the name of your first bf/gf?

How old when you got your first kiss?

Who was your favorite teacher in jr high?
Mr. Rollins

What was the worst thing you did at 13?
Sneak out of the house

What song reminds you of the summer vacation ?
Tears for Fears - Everyone Wants to Rule the World

What do you remember most about jr.high?
How shy I was

Who was the best athlete. in your freshman class?
Nathan Fenwick

What teacher did all the highshcool boys have a crush on?

What subject did the best teacher teach in high school?

Would you rather relive elementary. jr high. or highshcool?

What was the last name of the person that you disliked in highschool?

If you could change anything in your teenage years what would you change?
I would have been more involved in

Greatest moment of your highshcool days?

Worst moment?

Was highschool your best yrs or is now your time?

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