15 Would You Do This Questions Survey Response by mjonesskulls03

Here are the survey answers for 15 Would You Do This Questions Survey taken by mjonesskulls03

Eat a spider?
yes,good nutrition

Run around with no clothes on?
yes,if I like my current body shape

Date someone you don't even know?
yes that is the point of dating getting to know someone

Go on a blind date?
yes adds adventure in life

Get married at an early age?
if I think it is the right thing to do and I do not have any doubts

Go to a funeral for someone you dont know?
yes I like to pay my respects for life

Talk to random people on the internet?
yes that is one way to be social

Talk to me?

Play sports?
what sport?

Wear clothes of the opposite sex?
yes rather more comfort

Sing out loud in the middle of something serious?
yes I like my singing voice

Dance in front of people?
what music is playing?

Faint infront of famous celebrity?
no why would I faint in front of the television?

Go see a movie you dont even like?
yes maybe my taste had changed

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