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Eat a spider?
I know this is super disgusting, but... I kinda did already.... When we're taking over other planets, you take what you can get... And if there's one thing we Saiyans aren't picky about, it's food haha!

Run around with no clothes on?
I don't mind going shirtless but I gotta have pants on at all times. I already had to go out in public in my underwear to deliver milk but that was against my will and it was some kind of twisted training exercise...

Date someone you don't even know?
Maybe... I'm not really into dating right now since I'm seeing somebody, but until we're actually together, I don't see why not.

Go on a blind date?
Umm... Isn't this the exact same question as above, but worded differently? Hahaha!

Get married at an early age?
Yeah, definitely! It's not uncommon at all for Saiyans actually. I'd love to see what my son or daughter would be capable of in a battle! If Goku's and Vegeta's kids are every bit the prodigy their father is, then it's such an exciting thought what my kids would be like!!!

Go to a funeral for someone you dont know?
If somebody I cared about asked me to go, then I'd probably go... It'd be a little awkward but I'd get through it and I'd be there for moral support at least.

Talk to random people on the internet?
Sometimes, but I'm never super personal when I do.

Talk to me?
Hey, how's it going? You into wrestling or boxing maybe?

Play sports?
I'd probably be pretty good at sports, but I never got the chance to learn any of them. I was always too busy conquering planets and now I'm too busy correcting changes in history. I'd love to get a bunch of people together to try one out though!

Wear clothes of the opposite sex?
No, never.... Wearing girls clothes is kind of where I draw the line.

Sing out loud in the middle of something serious?
No... I used to be able to take a serious situation and make it funny but that was when I was a dumb kid who didn't know any better.... I know how the world works now, so I'm not nearly as goofy anymore...

Dance in front of people?
I can dance okay. I'm not ashamed of it as long as it's not a dance that makes me look stupid. If everybody else is dancing then I'd definitely join in!

Faint infront of famous celebrity?
Prince Vegeta and Goku are about as famous as they come and I didn't pass out so... I think I'm good haha!

Go see a movie you dont even like?
Maybe for a friend. As long as we get something to eat with it, I can probably sit through mostly anything.

Retake this survey?
Not sure why I'd retake it. Maybe when I get older and the answers might have changed? Haha!

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