15 Would You Do This Questions Survey Response by JessimoRW

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Eat a spider?
If it was fully cooked and seasoned in a restaurant w/ no diseases-otherwise heeellllll no.

Run around with no clothes on?
If my body was hot. For now it's staying on lock down though.

Date someone you don't even know?
yep-called a one night stand.

Go on a blind date?
yep, but have to tell my friends where I'm going first in case they're absolutely crazy

Get married at an early age?

Go to a funeral for someone you dont know?
Only if they had food there, or if I was going with someone who knew them to keep them company if they asked.

Talk to random people on the internet?

Talk to me?

Play sports?

Wear clothes of the opposite sex?
yeah- for girls thats just considered tomboying and you could still catch a dick wearing men's clothes.

Sing out loud in the middle of something serious?
No. I'd have to be really drunk or high.

Dance in front of people?
NO. Well maybe if I was in aplace where nobody knew me and wouldn't be there for long I wouldn't give a fuck.

Faint infront of famous celebrity?

Go see a movie you dont even like?
If someone invited me and was buying food.

Retake this survey?
Maybe in a couple years to see if I've changed.

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