90 Tell The Truth Random Questions Survey Response by Anonymous

Here are the survey answers for 90 Tell The Truth Random Questions Survey taken by Anonymous

What would you do if a blind guy/girl started hitting on you?
Let them down gently. I don't think them being blind is relevant to the situation

Single or Taken?

Ever been in a fight?

If so with who and did you win? And did you use your fists or a weapon?

Do you get in trouble for things you didn't do?

What would you do if you found out your bestfriend were gay?
Support them. I want them to be happy

Would you still hang out with them or ditch them and stop talking to them completely?
I'd keep hanging out with them, of course.

If you could speak 3 different languages, what would they be?
German, Japanese and French

What would you rather have been named? Or do you like your name?
I like my name

Country you've most wanted to visit?
New Zealand

Would you hit your friend if you found out that he/she were going with your bf/gf?
I'd fucking kill them

You and your friends are bored? What do you do?
Talk or go out together

Do you find piercings/tattoos attractive?
In moderation, yeah

Are you addicted to anything?
Nicotine and caffeine

What songs stuck in your head?
Walk by Foo Fighters

Are you sporty or just pure lazy?
Somewhere in between

When was the last time you went to a party?
More than a year ago

Was it any good?
Not really....too many teenagers

What is the point of life?
To make the best of it and be happy

Do you hate Twilight as much as I do?
Probably more

Who was the last person to make you laugh?
My husband

Ever had a prank go wrong?

Ever tried to outrun a bus?

If you were to jump out of your bedroom window right now, would you get badly injured?
Hell yes. I'd be lucky to survive

What's the stupidest thing you've done?
Accepted my ex's proposal

Do you wanna try sky diving? I know I do?
I want to try it but I'd probably chicken out

Ever smart mouthed at a cop?

Ever been held in jail for a night?

If so what could you have possibly done?

Wanna try bungee jumping?
Hell no. I'm not going to entrust my life to a glorified elastic band. And I don't fancy broken ankles either

One word to descibe yourself?

To describe your friends?

What do you think is at the bottom of the rainbow?
Not a pot of gold, that's for sure

Would you save a child if it meant possibly being killed yourself?
If it's a stranger, probably not. I'm not going to leave my children without a mother for the sake of someone else's child

What do you have planned for the weekend?
Spending time with my husband, family and friends

Would you talk to a stranger on the internet?

What's on your mind right now?

You wake up as the opposite sex, what's the first thing you do?

When you look in a mirror just after waking up, what thought runs through your head?

Are you hungry? I know I am?

Turn around, what do you see?

Can you lick your elbow?

Ever been attacked by a dog?

What do you think of weddings?

If you could make anyone disappear, who would it be?

Do you have an interesting scar?

If so, how'd you get it?

Ever dated someone you didn't find attractive in the least?

Have you ever had a 'kick me' sign stuck to your back and didn't know?

Did you ever begged your parents for a pony when you were little?

Something you regret?

Last concert you went to?

Who is the last person that made you cry?

Do you actually believe that Alaska is covered in snow?

Type your name, only using your elbow!

Are you purposely irratating?

If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

Ever lost anything down the toilet?

What comes to mind when I say 'CABBAGE'?

If you were walking down a street and somebody sprayed you with water, what would you do?

Have you had any broken bones?

Do you know all the words to your National Anthem?

Ever crawled through somebody elses window?

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

Do you find Russell Brand funny or irratating? Or both?

Have you ever sat down in a chair but fell to the floor, only to find that someone pulled out your chair on purpose?

Do things like that still amuse you when they happen to other people?

Did you know that twinkle twinkle little star and the alphabet have the same rhyme?

Did you just sing them to make sure?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever licked?

Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?

In your opinion, what is the best lollipop flavour?

How long does it take you to get ready to go out?

Would you rather be able to fly for a day or be invisible for a day?

When’ s the last time you showered?

If you didnt shower for 3 days do you think you would smell?

Do you sleep in a single or double bed?

Who’s car were you last in that wasn’t family?

Are they a good driver in your opinion?

Would you rather have a pet Ostrich or a pet Sheep?

Do fish make good pets?

What colour is you hair?

Is that your natural hair colour?

Do you have any weird phobias?

Do you have a crush on anyone?

Are you a happy person?

Do you sing like no-one is watching/listening?

Do you swear often?

What do you think of your friends?

Last but not least, what's your name?

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