16 Questions You Should Answer Honestly Survey Response by Rikki

Here are the survey answers for 16 Questions You Should Answer Honestly Survey taken by Rikki

Do you lie about your weight on your drivers licence?

Have you ever lied about your age?
yeah - I look younger so why not, I can get away with it

Have you ever done something illegal?
well I overslept this morning n broke the speed limit hurrying to work

Have you ever said something stupid to a police officer?
yeah - she took my name n address

Have you ever stolen anything?
yeah, stole some lego from school, I was spanked

Have you ever pranked someone?
nope, not very good at it

Have you ever been caught naked?
nope, been caught in my undies many times though

Do you have a phobia?
nope not really

How would you like to die?

Have you ever dated more than one person at the same time?
yeah, two Alisons

Have you ever talked on the phone for more than 5 hrs?
nope, never

Have you been married more than once?

Have you ever hugged a tree?
yeah, love trees

Have you ever been bitten by a dog
yeah, nipped my ankle, didn't hurt

Have you ever been in a fight?
yeah, at school, we were spanked

Have you ever been in a car accident?
yeah, three, not serious thank heaven

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