Yes, No, or Maybe Survey Response by Rosie

Here are the survey answers for Yes, No, or Maybe Survey taken by Rosie

Would you take a million dollars if it was given to you?

Do you have haters?

Do you have swagger?

Do you drink?

Have you had your first kiss?

Have you smoked pot? (dont lie)
No seriously I stay away from that

Can you sing?
Yes I sing pretty well

Can you dance?
Yes freestyle

Do you have a youtube video on youtube?

Do you have cancer?
No why?

Do you know someone that has cancer?
Yes 2 people in fact but they conquered it

Do you have siblings?
Yes 2 one older sister one younger bother Iím their sis 2nd eldest

Do you watch American Idol?
Used to not anymore because of Simon Cowell

Do you play in a sport?
nope hardly

Do you have a gf or bf?

Do you like sweet kool-aid?

Do you like bland kool-aid?

Are you older than 15?

Are you older than 20?

Are you younger than 14?

Do you like toast?

Do you like waffles?

Do you like pancakes?

Do you have a myspace?

Do you have a facebook?
yes but Iím not allowed to use it anymore

Do you have a twitter?
Nope used to

Do you have a my yearbook?
Nope used to

Have you found your true love?
Yes I have God himself

Have you fallen in love before?
Yes to many to count

Do you like your first name?
not really

Do you like your last name?
maybe itís so so

Do you like your middle name?

Do you like your family?
yes n no Lol

Are you close to your family?
it depends

Comment the survey.Please. Thanks
just so You know yes you the one who made this survey no one would drink/buy Bland Koolaid that is all

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