Total Randomness Survey Response by BASSGIRL

Here are the survey answers for Total Randomness Survey taken by BASSGIRL

Hola como estas?
Si muy bien

What are you obsessed with?
bass guitars

What do you dip your chicken nuggets in?
honey mustard

What was the last road trip you went on?
to a gig

When's the last time you dance with someone?
been awhile..

What's your favorite show?
too many

If you could visit anywhere, where would you visit?
beach again..Cozomel

What's your ringtone?
The Zoo

What's the wallpaper on your cell phone?
me and my bf

Who is the 6th text message in yur inbox from?
I have no idea, some message from unknown

Go to your pictures...what is the 33rd pic of?
my baby doing what he does best

Whose your 78th contact in your phone?
geez idk..not counting..was bad enuff I had to count the pictures!

Whose your favorite character from The Office?
I don't watch

Have you seen every episode starting from Season 1?

What color is your hair?
reddish brown

Favorite quote?
Don't Say You Can't till You Try

What kind of car do you have?
Toyota Sienna and Ford Ranger

What makes you laugh?
my baby

Whats the last movie you saw in theatres?
oh lawd I can't think now....

If you could co-star in a movie with any actor/actress you would it be?
Jennifer Lopez

Whats your favorite article of clothing?

What were you doing on New Years?
home gig

my bed

What are you looking forward too?
rest of my life with my soulmate

Are you the life of the party?

Finish this sentence...You are______

If you could meet Barack Obama, what would you ask him?

Pop Tarts or Toaster Struddles?

Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

Truth or Dare?

Do you kiss your mom with that mouth?
used to when I was a little girl...

Your getting chased by the Easter Bunny! What do you do?!
hug it, I love bunnies

Whats in your junk drawer?

Whats something about you that no one knows?

What kinda phone do you have?

Whats the wallpaper on your computer?
me and my boyfriend

Do you dance when nobody's watching?

What's your race?
Japanese and American

Whose your loudest friend?
idk if I was to say, they get offended

When your having a party, who definitely has to be there?
my boyfriend...or else lol

Whats the best food combo?
too much to name

When you need someone to talk to, who do you go to?
my therapist

Whats your favorite band(s)?
Beatles, Doors, Joan Jett, Def Leppard, Mettalica

What song do you want played at your funeral?
Severed Garden by Jim Morrison

Your mom goes to college!
she doesn't

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