30 Personality Type Questions Survey Response by Some Clown Running Down The Street

Here are the survey answers for 30 Personality Type Questions Survey taken by Some Clown Running Down The Street

Do You Like Your Name?
Not really, to be honest. I wouldn't have chosen it for myself.

What Age Would You Like To Be Right Now?

Do You Have Pets?
Not anymore ????.... I had a cat... But she was elderly and died from a sudden heart attack ????.... Her name was Skyler...

How Many Best Friend's Do You Have?

What's Your Favorite Color?
Blue and Red are my favorites.

Do You Like To Go Shopping?
Not a big fan, but occasionally.

Are You Into Sports?
I like watching baseball and football. I like playing basketball.

What's Your Favorite Hobby?
Playing my keyboard.

Do You Like To Read?
Yes. Harlan Coben is my favorite author.

What Do You Do When You Are Mad?
Give the silent treatment (when very upset), hide under my blankets.

What Word Do You Catch Your Self Saying A Lot?
Well, I tend to curse a lot. So, I usually catch myself saying swear words lol.

MacDonald's Or Burger King?
Burger King

Coke Or Pepsi?

Summer Or Winter?

Are You Nice To Everyone?
No. I'm hardly nice to anyone. I find most people irritating, stupid or boring. I have a small circle of people I'll tolerate for some reason or another, but that's not saying much.

Do You Like Swimming?
Yes. I love to swim ????

How Do You Do Your Hair Often?
Brushed straight, usually. Sometimes I'll do beach waves to spice things up a bit, but I look weird with my hair styled any other way.

What City Or State Would You Like To Go To?
Anywhere that's not Mundelein, IL. I like where I live, but it's been so long since I've had a vacation and I really want to travel.

What Kind Of Ice Cream Do You Like Most?

Hot Cheetoes Or Doritos?
Hot Cheese-Toes ????

Do You Like School?
In general, no.

Are You In School?

Do You Play Video Games?

What Do You Do For Fun?
Hang out with friends, go out dancing, get drunk (once in a blue moon), listen to music.

Do You Talk A Lot In The Phone?
No. I hardly ever talk to anyone.

Are You More Shy, Or Talkative?
Both. I usually have a lot to say, but will only speak to those I deem worthy of hearing what I have to say.

Do You Like Going Outdoors?
When the weather's decent, I prefer to be outside.

Do You Like Rainy Days?
Yes, I love the rain. It's so relaxing and the smell in the air is so pleasant and calming.

Do You Have A Favorite Restaraunt? If Yes, Which One?
Mod Pizza

Are You Awesome?
Probably not any more or less than anyone else is...

Honestly, Are You?
Again... Not any more or less than anyone else... I don't think anyone is as awesome as they think they are.

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