30 Personality Type Questions Survey Response by CrispyChips

Here are the survey answers for 30 Personality Type Questions Survey taken by CrispyChips

Do You Like Your Name?
Yeah itís fine

What Age Would You Like To Be Right Now?
18, officially an adult but not too old.

Do You Have Pets?
Yes cats and chickens

How Many Best Friend's Do You Have?

What's Your Favorite Color?
Midnight black and magnolia white

Do You Like To Go Shopping?

Are You Into Sports?
I enjoy badminton and basketball

What's Your Favorite Hobby?
Going for walks through the forests near my house

Do You Like To Read?
I LOVE to read

What Do You Do When You Are Mad?
Nothing, because I hardly ever get

What Word Do You Catch Your Self Saying A Lot?

MacDonald's Or Burger King?

Coke Or Pepsi?

Summer Or Winter?

Are You Nice To Everyone?
I try to be

Do You Like Swimming?

How Do You Do Your Hair Often?
i BrUsH iT

What City Or State Would You Like To Go To?

What Kind Of Ice Cream Do You Like Most?

Hot Cheetoes Or Doritos?

Do You Like School?

Are You In School?

Do You Play Video Games?
All the time

What Do You Do For Fun?
Hang out with my friends

Do You Talk A Lot In The Phone?

Are You More Shy, Or Talkative?
Very, very talkative

Do You Like Going Outdoors?
Yes iím very outdoorsy when I want to be

Do You Like Rainy Days?
Yes, itís very refreshing

Do You Have A Favorite Restaraunt? If Yes, Which One?

Are You Awesome?

Honestly, Are You?
No :í)

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